Sananda Bangladesh

The story of Sananda Jewellers Pvt ltd. (Bangladesh) began over 34 years ago in an almost inconspicuous jewellery store in Central Dhaka . Sananda Jewellers has started its business operations since 1988 and it registered as a private limited company from 1997. Sananda jewellers is today one of the most established and fastest growing gold and diamond jewellery brand in Dhaka.

The business has always been service focused which is another reason why Sananda jewellers pvt ltd. is acknowledged as 'the best place to buy jewellery, a feat that is synonymous with our brand.

Quality celebrates assurance of the purity of our products, continually and eternally, jewellery from Sananda jewellers pvt ltd. carries the guarantee of gold and diamonds content and is hallmarked. In addition, qualified Gemologist hand –selected stones are used in our jewellery to ensure high quality.

Shopping for jewellery in the splendor of sophisticated showrooms, Sananda jewellers pvt ltd. stores are situated in New Market and Baitul Mukarram Dhaka. Each outlet is designed keeping in mind the shopping ease off comfort for our customers. We are well equipped to serve our clients with the same flawless quality that our jewellery possesses.

An exceptional collection of jewellery, from the highly contemporary and the very latest styling to the most traditional, Sananda jewellers pvt ltd. offers one the widest ranges of jewellery, from affordable fashion items to more exclusive pieces crafted in gold and precious Diamonds.

We are the quintessential jewelers, and we thrive on giving substance to style. Sananda jewellers pvt ltd. has always provided the highest grade of quality service. Our passion for excellence translates into every single piece of our jewellery which reflect our classical elegance. The company bring together the dualities of science and aesthetics, melding its rich history and long traditions with contemporary creativity and cutting edge craftsmanship.

Sananda jewellers pvt ltd. sets exacting standards and each piece of jewellery is scrupulously inspected and graded.

The organization keeps note of international trends so that its creations echo current tastes and guarantee its customers the privilege of the latest styles.

Sananda Diamond's started It's Dhaka New Market Showroom in 2015 as a Sister Concern of Sananda Jewellers pvt ltd. Its only sell quality full and International Testing Lab certify Diamond products.

We offer a lifetime authenticity guarantee on every product of ours. We only sell Hallmark Gold Ornaments to our valued customers.